“The garden is looking wonderful. During this last week of sunshine I have so enjoyed sitting in it, with my feet up, a tray of tea and a good book, from which I am constantly distracted by the loveliness around me.

“Gertrude has just produced her first rose. which I brought inside and put on the kitchen windowsill with the first of the sweet peas. The whole ground floor now smells heavenly!

“Are there awards for domestic garden design? I visited Chelsea for the first time this year. so medals are on the mind. I’d gladly nominate Mike Bayon Garden Design for one!”

Inez Lyn (May 2012)

“Having worked a 13-hour day, I didn’t get home until after dark yesterday. So, it was only when I opened the curtains this morning that I saw my beautiful new garden and lawn for the first time. It was glowing in the morning sun and looking gorgeous. I keep wondering, “can it really be mine?” But it is, and you made it, so thank you. I’m thrilled.

“Rob left me some notes about what is left to do. As I told him myself, he has done a fantastic job. He manages to make project management look easy, which it very definitely isn’t, and is a wonderfully calming influence on neurotic clients, their neighbours and even his colleagues. I don’t think I’ve ever met a quieter set of ‘builders’ and it must be down to him.”

Inez Lyn (May 2011)

“I thought it was time I dropped you a line to say how absolutely delighted I am with the garden that Mike Bayon Gardens designed and delivered for me. Even though it was only completed in March this year, the garden already looks beautiful! Everyone who has seen it enthuses about the design and planting and it has given me great joy throughout the spring and summer.
“Please pass on my thanks to Rob and his team of lovely young men who worked so hard in the bitter cold of January and February to create this wonderful space. They were a delight to work with. You can be sure that I will be recommending your company to all my friends.”

Lady Cuckney DBE

“I needed a new garden, not just a few plants here and there, but the whole thing – walls, fences, terrace, lighting, drainage, planting and, most importantly, quality advice and design. I researched the market, then had discussions with two designers/landscape companies and chose Andy Gardiner of Mike Bayon Garden Design.
“From the start, Andy was passionate about the design and plants. He has an extensive knowledge and we had lots of discussions on design and materials. The overall concept Andy produced was first-class and the workmanship of his team and the follow-up service on the maintenance of the garden has been perfect.”

Martin Acton

“For 12 years we have been enjoying the fabulous garden that Andy designed and built for us. In fact, we recently extended our kitchen just so that we can see even more of it! It’s incredible to think that the garden started life as a field of developer’s mud; however, Andy’s extraordinary visual sense of space transformed it with a few inspired strokes of the pencil. His first sketch delivered everything we wanted – and more.
“Building the garden wasn’t an easy task as the site was in poor condition, but Andy worked with us to overcome the problems and create a garden that provides beauty, a wildlife haven and practicality in the form of a football area for our young sons. The garden has improved and matured and, thanks to Andy’s vision, will always be what makes our home special.”

Helen Davies

“We inherited a small, paved urban garden surrounded by spiky plants and with a massive pergola and barbecue. All very well; but we hate barbecuing and wanted soft greenery and a water feature. As first-time garden owners, we didn’t have a clue where to start – and thumbing through encyclopaedias didn’t help.

“Andy began by asking us to define the mood we wanted for our garden. We came up with tranquil, soft, colourful, attractive to wildlife, but unusual; we also threw in a few curve balls – the other half was wedded to having a lawn, while I wanted to plant specific trees. Andy suggested clever compromises and solved conundrums, and all in about 35ft of space!

“With an eye to costs, the Mike Bayon team re-used existing paving and constructed a funky pond and fountain and it didn’t take long to appreciate the wizardry of the design. Andy’s imaginative plantings combined scent and colour with striking, architectural perennials; even in the first year the garden was a blaze of colour, with something to admire in each season.

“It’s been a joy to see the garden mature and Andy has remained on hand to help. My half-day tutorial was invaluable; thanks to him, I’ve become a confident gardener and spend every minute I can out there.”

Neil McKelvie

“Andy understood the look we wanted immediately and came up with a simple, elegant solution in record time. It was a pleasure having the team on site: they were punctual, tidy, very professional, and created a garden that is a delight.”

Sue Griffin

“We’d like to say how thrilled we are by our lovely new garden. Andy’s design was a mini-masterpiece and, as the garden grows and develops, we hope he and his team will come back and see it and share our pleasure.”

Caroline and Richard Snerdon

“Andy understood immediately what I wanted to achieve in my garden. Essentially, that was to lay a new terrace that would look original to the house, which was built in the 1860s. Andy spent considerable time consulting with me and this resulted in a design that achieved everything that I wanted. Issues were resolved skilfully and sympathetically by his team and the result is beautiful. The terrace looks as if it has been part of the garden forever, while other elements of the design have rebalanced the garden, highlighting key areas and improving the landscape immeasurably.”

Liz Wall

“We chose Mike Bayon Garden Design to design our back garden in 2009. The brief was fairly open-ended: we wanted a modern, low-maintenance urban garden and to have the grass, destroyed by a recently acquired dog, replaced by stone. Andy’s creativity and enthusiasm were compelling reasons to commission the work, and we are delighted by the results. The team worked hard to transform an overgrown and neglected garden into an attractive and fun living space and, by scheduling the work early in the year, we were able to see the full effect of Andy’s judicious planting as flowers came into bloom, seemingly on a weekly basis, well into autumn.

“Andy has continued to offer advice on upkeep and further improvements. We appreciate the care and ongoing support he provides, and most of all the sheer sense of enjoyment he imparts. We have no hesitation in recommending Andy and the team at Mike Bayon Garden Design.”

Jo and Simon Duddy

“Andy has created an oasis of beauty and tranquillity in our hectic world.”

Jeffery Le Page

“Mike Bayon Garden Design has developed three gardens for us – the back garden at our flat and the back and front gardens of our house. In each case, the team showed imagination in design, a creative flair for planting and space, great project management and an ability to source high quality stone and timber at the right price.

“In meeting each brief, they have transformed grim outdoor spaces into beautiful gardens that have become outside rooms in themselves and real extensions of our indoor space.

“Mike Bayon Garden Design employs an excellent team of skilled craftsmen who, along with the ‘muscle men’, are a delight to work with – they are all committed to doing the best job and nothing is too much trouble. We have no hesitation in highly recommending Roger and Andy and their team.”

Andrew and Ann Higginson

“Probably the most important thing anyone should know about Mike Bayon Garden Design is that, first and foremost, these guys love gardens. Their practicality, knowledge and passion, combined with huge experience, is why I have used Mike, Andy and Roger for a very long time.

“When they work on a design, be it simple or complex, you cannot but fall under their spell. They have brought to life for me an exquisite Wiltshire cottage garden as well as solving a complicated courtyard issue in a London mews. And when they have finished the project, you are not forgotten! They return to see if you are happy, drop in to inspect the shrubs, trees and plants, and are always happy to re-think any problem. If you’re thinking about gardens, you have to be thinking about Mike Bayon Garden Design.”

Lady Puttnam

“Andy and Roger created a brilliant design for the rather odd layout of our garden, which included a substation. As a result, it gave us a lot of pleasure and ended up being a real selling point for the house.”

Helen Buchanan and John Masters

“It remains to say how happy we are with the whole job and, in addition, what a pleasure it has been to encounter staff who are, without exception, really nice people.”

Raymond Fischer

“We would like to thank Roger and his team for executing a fabulous transformation of our garden. The grass looks fantastic and the plants have already begun to flower, so it’s really taking shape. It’s an absolute joy to be able to sit outside and enjoy the late summer weather – a very big thank you from all of us.”

John and Sarah Lowe

“Thank you so much for our wonderful garden – I am so pleased with it. I have really enjoyed working with Roger and your fantastic chaps. They worked wonders. I only hope the house eventually does the garden justice!”

Hannah Dashper

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how happy we are with the work so far – not only is it starting to look stunning, it’s obvious that the team is doing a rock solid job. It’s amazing just how unnoticed they go! We’ve had no mess in the house or street and no problems with vehicles, access or noise.

This is a huge relief, as neighbours can get a bit hot under the collar around here about construction work. Apart from the Kit Kat and teabag consumption, I’ve almost forgotten the guys are here – and I’m only too happy to provide those for such hard workers. In fact, I might even upgrade to Penguins next week!”

Diana Stewart

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for creating our beautiful garden! We are both so pleased with the outcome – and we can’t wait to see what surprises are in store when the flowers begin to appear. The view from the kitchen window is so lovely and the bench area is really welcoming – what a transformation!”

Lorna Smith